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Prolapsed discs in dogs:

This is an extremly common, and very painful condition in a lot of dogs, particularly those with long backs, eg Dachshunds.

There is a genetic predisposition, but is aggravated by being overweight.

Usually there is a sudden onset of severe pain in the back and hind end.

It often progresses to inco-ordination in the hindlegs, or to complete hind end paralysis (paraplegia)

Early treatment (in the first 24 hours) dramatically improves the recovery rate. Conventional treatment usually involves very strong painkillers (essential) and the use of cortisone type drugs (useful in the first 48 hours but have serious side effects and counterproductive with prolonged use). 

Surgery may be recommended. This can be very high risk (I have treated a number of dogs where the paraplegia was caused by surgery), very painful (I know humans who say they would never go through it again), expensive, and not necessarily helpful.

Acupuncture is very often successful, even in cases where the dog is paraplegic due to surgery, and generally has the dog up and running within weeks.

The links to some Youtube videos show typical examples and acupuncture treatment and results.


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