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Contact Details of Dr Alan Clark

Dr Alan R Clark BVSc CVA

9 Stevens Lane, Guildford, VIC 3451

P.O. Box 943. Guildford, VIC. 3451

email: vet@castlemaine.net.au

Phone: 0408 509 405

Dr Clark conducts treatments at his rooms at Guildford, at your normal vet clinic (depending on the co-operation of individual clinics), or, if this isn’t possible or preferred, home visits.

For small animal (dog & cat) acupuncture consultations Dr Clark can be contacted/booked via your own vet clinic if visits are to be there.
Alternatively, you can contact him or leave a message for him to call you back on the mobile phone 0408 509 405, or via email at vet@castlemaine.net.au

For horse acupuncture visits, please contact Dr Clark on the mobile phone number 0408 509 405 or via the email address.

Cost of treatments:

  • Dogs and cats at Guildford clinic: $120 first visit, $90 subsequent visits
  • Dogs and cats, vet clinic or home visits(regular runs): $135  first visit, then $110 subsequent visits
  • Horses at Guildford or during regular scheduled runs: $145 first visit, $110 subsequent visits
  • Horses, individual visits: as above plus traveling costs.
  • Horses, conventional vet visits: consultation $110 plus costs (travelling, drugs, lab fees etc), surgery- call to discuss.

Please note: Dr Clark doesn't run accounts, so all treatments must be paid at the time of the visit. However he does have mobile eftpos facilities so payment is by cash, cheque or card, at the time of treatment. Thank you for your co-operation.


Some of the general questions Dr Clark will need answered are listed below. It is helpful if these can be answered, or at least thought about and recorded prior to the first visit.

  • Animal’s name, breed, sex, and age.
  • Duration of the problem (day, months, years?)
  • Frequency of the problem (fits once/month; sore eyes every spring; sore leg all day)
  • Progression of the problem (getting worse/staying the same)
  • Effect of environment/time (worst in the morning, better with exercise; worse in cold weather)
  • Animals appetite, thirst, activity levels; both since the problem and normally.
  • Prior tests, diagnoses & treatments (and their effectiveness) by other vets.


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